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Rationalising the brand

Sometimes, small changes can create significant impact. Web agency approached me to refine their brand. Over the years, the visual identity had become inconsistent.

We analysed the challenges and developed a new, clear look and feel. This was implemented across various platforms, both in print and online.

Logo refresh offers a variety of services. We developed a modular logo system where each service is distinguished by its own color. The logos are distinct yet cohesive, maintaining a unified family look.

New stationery, website and more

We introduced a new colour palette and redesigned the website. Additionally, we refreshed the stationery and PowerPoint templates with the new look and feel.

  • Stationery
  • Business card fron and back
  • front brochure with mix of imagery
  • back brochure with mix of imagery and logo
  • brochure E-commerce
  • website homepage
  • website client page
  • website services
  • Guy wearing black t-shirt with logo

Practical style guide

Isn't it easy when you have everything in one place? A style guide does exactly that. If you're not sure, just look it up!

Having everything consolidated in one place is incredibly convenient. That's exactly what a style guide offers. Whenever you're uncertain, it's there to provide clear guidance. Style Guide Style Guide