Optimising the online experience for train travellers

Two NS trains in station. One is moving
Two NS trains in station. One is moving

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For more than 3 years I've worked for NS (Dutch Railways) as a freelance UX designer on various projects for the NS website. From travel planner to the introduction of new products and lots of A/B and user testing. Always optimising and improving the online experience for train travellers.



Current situation on the tracks

Any delays? Keep me updated!

The Challenge

Before the redesign, information for train travellers about the current track situation was text-heavy and difficult to scan.

The existing map was a static image. This could be improved.

The challenge – Make it easier and quicker for travellers to check the status of the tracks.

NS website disruption on the tracks old designs
NS website disruption on the tracks old designs

Our Solution

Improved scannability – To make information quicker to understand, we made it more scannable. We achieved this by breaking the information into small, manageable chunks, each with a clear hierarchy and distinctive design. Unnecessary information was removed to ensure clarity and focus.

Interactive map – We enhanced the user experience by integrating an interactive Google Maps feature. This allows travellers to see all current disruptions in the Netherlands live and interact with the map for real-time updates.

Progress indicator – A progress indicator was added so travellers can track the status of disruptions and receive timely travel advice.

NS website disruption on the tracks new designs
NS website disruption on the tracks new designs

The Result

The redesign has made it much easier and quicker for the train travellers to check the situation on the tracks.

The improvements:

  • the information is easier to scan and understand

  • always the most up to update information

  • disruptions can be quickly checked on an interactive map.

Check the current situation on the tracks at NS.nl

Track maintenance

This work is planned a year in advance and might cause delays on your journey. You can check this online.

We also redesigned this page. Less text and more focus on the tool. Now you can check much faster. We made the tone friendlier. A small copy change can do a lot.

Check the works on the tracks at NS.nl

  • NS Mobile Maintenance on the tracks
  • NS maintenance on the track website before and after redesign



Printable e-ticket

NS also provides a printable version of the e-ticket. It really needed an update.

The Challenge

The design of the downloadable PDF ticket had become unstructured over the years. It was quite a puzzle to make sense of the information.

The old ticket actually caused congestions at the entrance gates at the station. To open the gate you need to scan the QR-code on the ticket.

The challenge – Make the ticket easier to understand and use, to minimise traffic jams at the gates.

Our approach

First, we analysed traveller and business needs, technical requirements, and limitations. Based on these insights, we made several changes.

Design choices:

  • Changed orientation to portrait for better usability

  • Enhanced focus on the QR code with a designated 'scanning area'

  • Provided clear 'what to do' instructions

  • Added folding instructions for easy QR code access.

  • NS A4 printable e-ticket before and after
  • NS A4 printable e-ticket after redesign
  • NS A4 printable e-ticket after redesign
  • NS A4 printable e-ticket after redesign

The Result

An improved printable PDF ticket that...

  • is easier to read and use

  • has clearer instructions

  • makes QR-scanning at the entrance gates go faster.



User Testing

To optimise the experience for the train travellers and increase conversion rates.

Usability Testing

We test early by showing design concepts to users, allowing us to identify potential problems before launch.

This ensures the product aligns with users' needs and preferences.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is a randomised process of presenting different design variants to users.

Take a look at the test visuals for the newsletter sign-up modals. There are two variants, A and B. The one with the most sign-ups will be preferred.

Testing is an ongoing process to optimise the NS website for better conversions.

  • NS AB-testing 2 variants of an email sign up modal on mobile
  • NS AB-testing 2 variants of an email sign up modal on mobile