An online Uplifting Queer Creative Platform

Man in camouflage seen from back
Man in camouflage seen from back

Social Interest


Logo design

Web design

UX / UI design

Queer creativity is at the heart of What About Tom. There are so many wonderful and incredibly talented people out there that are creative in such amazing ways. Ready to share their art, stories and experiences. We created a brand and website that embraces their voices.

'Perfectly imperfect'

Creating the logo and website

Raw and unpolished

That was the look that we were after. We created a logo that is perfectly imperfect. Just like the talented people that W.A.T. stands for.

“Creativity is our superpower”

“Creativity is our superpower”

“Creativity is our superpower”

So many stories to share

We designed the website as a narrative collection, blending strong imagery with bold copy – a space dedicated to sharing real-life stories.